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Five Common Misconceptions About Pakistan (And Why You Should See It For Yourself)

Pakistan, for most people it is a little known country somewhere on the subcontinent. You probably mistake their people and food for Indians and whatever you’ve heard about what life and travelling is like there, it’s probably not anything good or positive. Misconceptions are boundless when it comes to Pakistan. So here we are, helping to break some of those misconceptions and show you a different side to Pakistan – a country that should be towards the top of your list.

  1. It’s super dangerous!

Not at all! Yes, there are some areas which you should probably not visit such as Baluchistan, but in general is Pakistan perfectly fine. It has seen bad years in the past decade, but the last few years has seen a steady increase safety wise. The government is eager to get visitors so it’s doing everything they can to make sure it’s a safe place. Also remember, it’s the 36th largest country in the world (and 6th most populous country) so proportionally there are no more incidents than a lot of more developed countries.

Waghan border with India
  1. It’s just like India

Try telling this to any Pakistani and you’re up for a good discussion at best or a long lecture at worst. While Pakistan shares some habits with the Indians, it’s still a world apart. Generally, people are more relaxed in Pakistan (also towards Western women, you’re less likely to have the ‘incidents’ that India has become notorious for), share more influences with Iran/Afghanistan and is a lot less touristy. We’ll leave the food discussion up to you then!

Whilst there may be some cultural similarities with India, Pakistan is certainly it’s own country
  1. The visa is hell!

Has this ever been an issue for you? Come on, look at all the YPT destinations. Most of them have a whole process for the visa. But we promise to help you with this. It’s not that complicated and difficult. It’s true that quite often Pakistan Embassies will only take applications from residents of that country, but when there’s a will, there’s a way.

  1. It’s a very strict Muslim country

Yes, it’s a Muslim country, but compared to some of its neighbours it’s also a very relaxed Muslim country. Yes, alcohol is officially forbidden, just like Iran, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Also for dressing up it’s a relaxed Muslim country. We will be seeing shows performed by transgender individuals and surely throwing back a few cold beers.

Muslims and non-Muslims alike enjoy a relaxed lifestyle
  1. There’s nothing to see!

Ask someone to mention anything famous from Pakistan and they’ll probably find it quite challenging to name anything. Ok, so it doesn’t have a Taj Mahal or a Great Wall, but they do have many historical sites which are still unspoiled by tourists. Next to the UNESCO sights there’s also a whole culture to be explored: street doctors, Lollywood, truck painting, farms surrounded by marijuana plants, the 2nd largest salt mine in the world, and of course there’s the Karakoram Highway, one of the most famous roads in the world!

Badshahi Mosque

So, have we convinced you? Get in touch now and see for yourself what Pakistan is all about!

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