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Junggang County

Guide to the Junggang Region

Touristically one of the least visited places in North Korea (for western guests anyway), it lies opposite of our favourite Chinese cities from borderlands, Linjiang, which you can read about here.

Junggang County is in the north of Jagang Province over the River Amnok. It enjoys a continental climate and gets extremely cold in the winter and very hot in summer.

From a revolutionary perspective, it holds particular importance for the activities related to Kim Hyong-Jik, Korean independence activist, father to President Kim Il Sung, and great grandfather of Marshal Kim Jong-Un.

Revolutionary sites in Junggang County

Statue of Kim Hyong-Jik

Commemorating that he crossed the river here to go to Linjiang in China in order to further the cause of Korean independence.

Inn of Kim Hyong-Jik

Situated on the roadside, it is the place that he stayed and planned his revolutionary trip to China.

Junggang Post Office

The post office that Kim Hyong-Jik used to send various important correspondences, such as to raise funds from home and abroad to conduct revolutionary activities. Revolutions are not cheap.

Nupdong House

President Kim Il Sung and Mother Kang Pan Sok prepared packages and took secret correspondences to Kim Hyong-Jik in Linjiang to help further the revolutionary cause.

Tonggu Drugstore

Kim Hyong-Jik used this drug store to prepare medical supplies to be taken to the revolutionaries in Linjiang.

Sinsong School

Kim Hyong Jik used the school as a cover educating progressive teachers in the ways of the revolution!

Junggang Revolutionary Museum

The main museum, which was initially constructed in 1955 but renovated in the 1970s, has original artifacts related to the revolutionary exploits of the father of the father of North Korea!

Anything else we should know about the place?

It is also spelt as Chunggang, and there is allegedly a missile site that is pointed at Okinawa. We though know nothing about that.

And that is our in-depth guide to Junggang County, which, while you cannot visit (yet), you can get a great view of it when we visit Linjiang, including a rather lovely boat trip!

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