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Is the Isle of Man A Country?

Is the Isle of Man a country? The short sharp answer to this is yes and no, but we will obviously delve more into this as part of our article.

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What is the story with the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is a Gaelic populated island between Ireland the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. About 70,000 people live here and like the Channel Islands is a tax haven.

Also like the Channel Islands it is NOT part of the UK, but a crown dependency.

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This means that they are self-governing, have their own passports, to extent their own currency and very much their own immigration law. They do not have a football team in FIFA, but do have their own league and compete in CONIFA, as well as the Island Games.

In essence it is quite like a country, although not fully?

Is the Isle of Man a country according to YPT?

YPT counts the Isle of Man as a country because it has its own currency (pegged to the pound), own passport (similar to the UK), and for all intents is completely self-governing. And while it is very similar to being in the UK, it is also very uniquely different.

We realize that this statement wicks butt-hurt a lot of people, particularly from the 193/195 club, but heck we do not care! A line has to be drawn and we ourselves feel confident in being the ones to make this line.

So, we’ve discussed if the Isle of Man is a country, but is it a very YPT country? In short no it is not and in actuality is a little bit dull as destinations go! Still we visited after TedFest and can now put it on our list of visited places.

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