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Is it safe to visit Egypt in 2024?

Is it safe to visit Egypt in 2024? The short answer to this is that visiting Egypt in 2024 is extremely safe, in spite of the current crisis within the region. There are so sone caveats to this.

One of the most popular global destinations within the world due to its unique history, Egypt and Egyptians rely extremely heavily on tourist dollars. Numbers though have dropped steadily du to the conflict in Palestine. What though does this mean to the average traveler?

The conflict and Palestine and visiting Egypt in 2024

Palestine and in particular the Gaza Strip have been embroiled in conflict with the Israel Defense Forces since October of 2023. This has seen large scale assaults that in Gaza that same have compared to genocide.

Egypt currently controls the only border out of Gaza, an area it owned under President Nasser meaning it is on the frontline. Of the conflict. Yet while this should cause some issues, the border has largely been closed, Egypt are not taking in sizable Palestinian refugees and it is far away from the tourist areas of the country.

This means that apart from the feelings of the people, little has changed in Egypt.

Will Egypt go to war of over Gaza?

While some feel that Egypt should fight for its neighbor this is very unlikely to happen while it works is closely with Israel. Modern Egypt is no longer a revolutionary one, but is in fact closely aligned through its military government with the United States, and thus with Israel.

For Egypt to fight Israel would at a bare minimum need a direct invasion of the country, as well as help from other Arab states, things that are almost impossible to happen. And even if they did did would not constitute a fair accompli.

Still when visiting Egypt the areas near Gaza are best avoided as at best you might be considered a journalist and arrested. Unless of course you are a journalist in which case other travel plans should be made.

We do not suggest arriving unannounced at Palestinian refugee camps within Egypt.

Visiting Egypt at other parts

Tourist areas of Egypt, such as Cairo, Aswan and Luxor via cruises are to an extent safer right now as there are less tourists and big crowds.

There are though places, such as the borders with Libya, Sudan and Bir Tawil which very much have their own problems. These would be clear avoided, or at least done with a guide.

Egypt does have tourist police, but is still very much a one party state, so what you say and how you act when visiting Egypt should be monitored to a degree.

Risk of Islamic terrorism when you visit Egypt

Egypt is for all intents ran by the military, who are officially at least anti-fundamentalism. In practice though this means very little as the previous attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood showed.

You are though in may respects in no less danger from indiscriminate attacks as other countries within the region during the current climate.

Women’s travel, safety and annoyances

Egypt has a famously bad reputation when it comes to attacks on women, domestic and foreign so extra care should be taken as a woman traveling in Egypt. These are not so different to other places in the region and due care and attention should be taken.

Petit crime is both a danger and an annoyance within the country meaning certain situations should be avoided. For your own sanity too street hawkers and children should be avoided. Not only will what you get likely of low quality, you can often too get surrounded and hounded.

Overall though visiting Egypt is not only safe for the most part, but also very rewarding.

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