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How to get to Syria? 2024 Guide

How to get to Syria? So you have looked at all the holiday destinations out there and decided Syria for your next sojourn. The big question now though is how to visit the country and indeed how to get here.

This is the YPT guide on how to get to Syria……

How to get to Syria

Currently when we talk about how to get to Syria t should be kept in mind that there is the government held areas of Syria, which make up the majority of the country and the rebel held areas which make up a minority.

In the interests of this post we will focus on how to get to the government run parts of Syria, with a small section on the rebel areas.

Essentially there are two main ways to get to Syria, by land, and by air. Regardless of which one you choose you will need a Syrian visa.

Syrian Visa

Currently pretty much all nationals need a visa to enter Syria. Generally speaking these are arranged beforehand and collected as a visa on arrival (VOA). This is how we run our tours that enter by land through Lebanon.

It is possible to get a Syrian visa at an embassy, which is usually required if you want to get to Syria by air.

You can read more about the Syrian visa here.

Americans can also now get a Syrian visa, something which was previously not the case. We are now taking Americans to Syria.

You can read about this new policy here.

How to get to Syria by land?

There are land borders between Syria and a number of countries including Jordan and of course Israel. Other borders with Turkey are now under the effective control of the rebel forces within Syria.

We can personally arrange for you to get into Syria via the border with Lebanon and to an extent Jordan. Lebanon is the most popular route and how we begin and end most of our tours to Syria.

The journey is pretty easy takes only a few hours and we arrange your visa at the border before you get into Syria.

How to get to Syria by air

Syria has two major international airports, namely Damascus and Aleppo. It is possible to arrange tours that either fly into the country, or enter by land and leave by air.

From a visa point of view entering by land and leaving by air is the easiest to arrange. Damascus International airport services most routes, but Aleppo is also quite well covered.

It is also possible to arrange aviation tours in Syria, for more information simply get in touch.

Can you get to Syria by boat?

Syria has a huge coastline and indeed ports, so it is possible to get into Syria by sea. This is though not something we have yet arranged, nor claim to be experts in!

How to get to Syria – Rebel held areas

We advise against all travel to the rebel held areas of Syria, even places such as Rojava. We have heard stories of people arranging a Syrian visa and then traveling to the rebel areas. This should not be done as it endangers both yourself and your inviting agency.

From logistical point of view getting to most of these areas would involve going through Turkey and arranging safe passage to do so. Again this is not something that we suggest you do at all.

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