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How expensive is Papua New Guinea?

How expensive is Papua New Guinea? In short extremely expensive when you factor in what you receive. Essentially expect to pay 1st world prices, while getting 3rd world services.

Why is Papua New Guinea so expensive?

There are numerous reasons why Papua New Guinea is so expensive, but mainly it boils down to lack of urbanisation, poor infrastructure and the fact that most everything has to be imported and, or shipped throughout the country.

It should also be kept in mind that PNG is a dangerous place, so adding safety to your trip essentially adds cost a trip.

How expensive is Papua New Guinea – Hotels

Hotels are one of the most expensive and lowest value things you can get in Papua New Guinea. Essentially expect to pay $80-100 for “budget accommodation”.  These will have electricity and AC etc, as well as big walls and guards, but breakfast will not be included and you will be lucky if the restaurant is even open.

Keep in mind also that you cannot simply go wandering around for food in Papua New Guinea. 

Conversely at the top end of the scale high-end hotels cost around the $200 mark, which includes the Hilton in Port Moresby. Therefore if you have the budget it can be worth paying out the extra. 

To read about the Port Moresby Hilton click here. Sadly and regardless of if you stay in a local, or branded hotel, particularly in PM you will not get anything vaguely like a “local experience”.

Petty theft has also been reported in hotels, so keep that in mind!

To read about crime and corruption in Papua New Guinea click here.

How expensive is Papua New Guinea – Eating out

Food is another area that is hard to do and, or expensive to do. On the bottom end you can visit street food vendors called Kai Bar, these sell beef curries, chips, saveloys, chicken and other bits and bobs for around 5 bucks. This is theist budget meal.

Eating out at fine-dining restaurants will knock you back western type prices, with a steak being $20-30 and general mains being at least $10-20.

Going to supermarkets is another option, although again the food is imported and hardly cheap. All supermarkets do though offer Australian style pies for a couple of bucks, which again make a great value meal. 

How expensive is it to drink in Papua New Guinea?

Sadly there are few venues considered safe for tourists and the ones that are tend to be expensive. Expect beers to be $6+ and mixed drinks tone anywhere up to $15. There are liquor stores where local vodka can cost as little as $20, but it is not great. Imported liquor will set you back closet to $50, with wine not being far off of that.

Of course there is always the option of firewater which you can read about here.

How much money should I take to Papua New Guinea?

How long is a piece of string? We will approach this coming from a YPT tour point of view. With us your guides, entrances, as well as hotels are taken care of. At bottom end you could push by on $20 a day, although you would not have much fun. 

The next level would be $50 a day here you can have at least one good meal and a beer, or two. 

And then we have the top end, $100 a day will have you not caring what you order at lunch and dinner, drinking as you like and getting whatever souvenirs you require! How expensive is Papua New Guinea? Like being in western Europe, but without the creature comforts.

But of course the best way to save money in PNG is to book the best budget tour to Papua New Guinea with YPT!.

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