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How to Drink Gold Spot In Papua New Guinea

When we travel to a country we like to get involved in the local cuisine. This can dishes such as Mumu, street food, but also soft drinks, with Gold Spot being the weapon of choice in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea Love Soda

The people of Papua New Guinea seem to love soda, with them proudly making their own Pepsi and Coca-Cola. They also though have that rate breed a huge soft-drink company that is popular and independent of Coca-Cola (for now).

And this is where Gold Spot come in, not only having a huge range of sift drinks, but also entering #ColaQuest through GoGo Cola, which I will review in another article.

Who are Gold Spot Papua New Guinea?

Gold Spot are apparently a 7 decade old company owned by Pacific Industries, who seem to be an actual local company rather than an EvilCorp like Rio Tinto.

They humble beginnings had them making soda for allied fro troops, which became successful and spawned the idea of having a company that would do soft-drinks. And while Coke and the like have come into town since, Gold Spot not only rival them, but gives them a real run for their money.

Gold Spot
Drinks in Ppua New Guinea -Gold Spot

What is the Gold Spot Range

Their fallouts are, Raspberry, Orange, Lime, Pineapple, Creaming Soda & Lemonade.Now in the interests of this article I will not review each one individually, but I will give my two cents on a few of them.

The lemon one is very much an American style lemonade, while the lemonade is more a British style Schweppes. Creaming soda might sound funny, but is actually cream soda. Fun fact Fanta even have a creaming soda here.

Their Orange Soda is more than worthy of being part of #FantaQuest (see video below) and the Gold Spot Raspberry is sickly sweet. Hmmm I pretty much did review all of them didn’t I?

Can you nix Papua New Guinea Gold Spot with liquor?

Having been traveling to Papua New Guinea for over 5 years now I very much have tried Gold Spot with everything from Vodka to Paia Wara – the local name for the hooch that they make, that always goes down well.

So, how does it taste? The Orange Soda goes great with Vodka, while as I put it for the Raspberry Soda it is great for poor alcoholics…..

When it comes to Firewater though my preference is to drink the  hooch and then wash it down with a Gold Spot as a chaser – again see the video below.

A conclusion on Gold Spot Papua New Guinea

OK, so it is not good for you and of course being Papua New Guinea there is no diet option, but it is great to see such a popular drink not controlled by CocaCola or another evil corp and that in many ways PNG is quite a self-sufficient country.

I’m a fan and will be knocking more back when I next visit Papua New Guinea.

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