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How to Get an Eritrean Visa

The Eritrean visa is famously one of the world’s most difficult visas to attain. The ”North Korea of Africa” as it’s known, certainly doesn’t make it easy for you. At YPT however, we’ve made the process as simple as possible!

Eritrean embassies are located in major cities of the world, such as Washington D.C., London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, and Beijing. If you live in a country with an Eritrean embassy, you must apply for a visa at your local embassy.

YPT can help arrange all the necessary papers for your visa application. Please contact your nearest Eritrean Embassy for further information.

If you do not live in a country with an Eritrean embassy, YPT can help you secure the visa on arrival. With a scan of your passport front page plus the name of your employer or school, we will arrange a visa in advance, so that you can pick it up on your arrival into Asmara airport. For this type of visa, the fee is $70USD and is payable at the airport when you arrive.

So whether you live near an embassy or not, YPT will arrange your Eritrea visa for collection.


What do you need from me?

  • A completed YPT booking form
  • A completed Eritrea visa form
  • A scan of your passport (not the physical passport)
  • A passport size photo

What do I need to collect the visa on arrival at Asmara airport?

  • Your passport
  • A completed application form (pick up there)
  • One passport size photo
  • $70 USD
  • Address of your hotel

What do I need to collect the visa from an embassy?

If a trip to the embassy is not at all convenient you have the option of posting your passport there and back. You will need to send them;

  • Your valid passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Details of flights in and out of Asmara
  • Contact details of the agent and hotel in Asmara (YPT will provide you with these)

Can I contact any Eritrea embassy and get the visa myself?

No, like North Korea you need to be registered to a tour company which we can arrange for you.

Once in the country, however, you are free to roam in the evenings without your guides.

Is it a full page visa sticker?

Yes! See the attached image.

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