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Flag of Tuvalu

Tuvalu is the third least visited country in the world and a firm favorite for all of us at YPT. But what is the flag of Tuvalu and what does said flag mean? We are very happy to help on that one!

Current flag of Tuvalu

The current flag of Tuvalu was initiated in 1978 after the country separated from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands in 1976. The Gilbert and Ellice Islands are now the independent Republic of Kiribati.

Meaning of the Tuvaluan flag

Like many former British colonies the flag is a blue sign with the Union Flag (Union Jack) of the United Kingdom in the top left corner. The nine stars represent the nine main islands of Tuvalu and are interestingly geographically correct, although of course not exactly to scale!

Former flags of Tuvalu

From 1978 to 1995 the flag consisted of 10 stars until one island was relegated….

(flag with 10 stars on it pic)

From 1976-78 Tuvalu was separated from Kiribati but not yet fully independent. During this time it was known as the Territory of Tuvalu and had the following flag.

This flag was much more a conservative design and featured the state emblem of the time.

Originally, and like all colonies, it would have been represented by the Union Jack, but this changed when the former colony of the Gilbert And Ellice Islands was formed. Before they received independence, Tuvalu had a referendum confirming its own independence.

Weird flag from 1996-97

We can find no reference to this flag of Tuvalu other than Wikipedia, but apparently this flag was either proposed or used for one year in Tuvalu. Without information one can only assume it is related to ongoing debates in Australia and New Zealand about the removal of the Union Flag from their own national flags.

Tuvalu Communist Flag

Because I seriously need a hobby I found the following Tuvaluan Communist Flag, motivated by the country’s recent switch of allegiance from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China. It is obviously not official, but it is pretty damned cool!

And that is the story of the Flag of Tuvalu.

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