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4 Times Chinese Food Went Too Far

Chinese food is famed around the world for its tangy spicy deliciousness – drenched in culture, history, and occasionally Hoisin sauce. As well loved as this cuisine can be, some dishes from the mainland may strike fear, anxiety, and disbelief in the foreign eye.

4. Spotted in Macau:

Whatever in God’s name this is, and however spectacularly this translation has failed, the bleakest part of this whole situation is that “Baby food testicular” must be pretty good. After all, it warrants the gold star.

3. Creepy baby nipple yoghurt

milk bottle

If you were ever wondering what it would be like to suck sweaty yoghurt out of a synthetic teat, now you can. Bought on Yangshuo’s famous West Street, these bizarre beverages are pulled out of a box filled with dry ice on the side of the street, making the whole transaction feel like an elaborate plot to steal your kidneys. Apparently available in three different flavours, although we daren’t ask what they are.

2. Two in one bonus round

Mmmm… just like mamma used to make. In fairness at least these descriptions come close to vaguely depicting the dishes… be they “fatty intestine surface” or not. For the record, whatever “miscellaneous sauce” is, it’s delicious.

1. Bottom right hand corner

And finally, a quick curveball. Unlike the previous entries, this is not a mistranslation (awkwardly). This stand has earned itself the moniker “racist cakes” by locals in the area.

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