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Yanji (or Yeon’gil in Korean; Korean pronunciation: [jɔnɟil]) is the capital city of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeastern China. Its population is approximately 400,000 of which a large section is ethnic Korean.

Yanji along with Dandong are the two main points of call for the flourishing trade between the DPRK and the PRC.

At 400,000 Yanji is a relative dwarf compared to other Chinese cities, but with a population split almost exactly down the middle between Han, and ethnic Koreans it represents one of China’s more cosmopolitan cities.

Yanji is also quite the party town being littered with bars, clubs and KTV’s to help ease the weary traveler.

Whilst there is nothing of particular historical interest in Yanji its ethnic Korean population and influence make it a wonderful place to spend at least a few days either side of your tour. Being China you are completely free to arrange your own things whilst here, but if you require YPT to arrange your accommodation or ongoing transport, please let us know.

As with the rest of China Yanji offers a number of options from a few hundred Yuan, up to 5 star super accommodation. All of our group tours include at least one night in a very nice 3 star hotel. As of now there is no hostel type option, but being China this could easily change.