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FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Real Madrid – How Can I Watch This?

FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Real Madrid, king of the unrecognized country of Transnistria (and Moldova) vs, well the kings of the world pretty much. To say this is somewhat exciting would be quite an understatement. As the Kings of tours to Transnistria, we have already been inundated with questions about how you may be able to get a ticket to watch FC Sheriff vs Real Madrid – spoiler alert you can read the rest of the article, or skip right to the bottom.

Oh and if you’re unsure what an unrecognized country is click here.

Who Are FC Sheriff Tiraspol?

FC Sheriff Tiraspol was formed by the Sheriff company and now domain football in Moldova? Who are Sheriff? They are the company that owns everything from gas stations to supermarkets and yes even football clubs.

For a full overview of the Sheriff company click here.

Quite coincidentally they were formed by the son of the ex-president of Transnistria, who without any pun, or irony was called President Smirnov. He’s no longer in power, but Sheriff is a powerhouse and has now made it to the Champions League – the highest level of competition in Europe, SAY NO TO SUPER LEAGUE!

FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid definitely needs less of an introduction but if you do not know who they are click here.

Real Madrid vs FC Sheriff Tiraspol at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

There are 3 solid options to watch this game in Madrid – firstly you could go to Madrid, which is nice, and also expensive.

Secondly, you could watch it on TV.

Lastly, you could join our tour to Transnistria where will be watching it at the legendary 7 Fridays bar with our group and Transnistrian friends and colleagues hoping for a result of shocking proportions.

How Can I watch FC Sheriff vs Real Madrid IN Tiraspol?

The game will take place on November 24th, with us running a 5 day, or short overnight trip to watch the game – and YES we can arrange tickets for the game.

For this wishing to watch Real Madrid play in Tiraspol we can also arrange airport transfers from Chisinau to Tiraspol, private vehicles, accommodation and even your own security guard should you really feel the need.

No one knows Transnsitria like YPT, watch this space as we plan our tour to coincide with this historic match.

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