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Eating Vegan in Northern Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the “bit that got away” and is a semi-recognized state and if you would believe it, but the only country to recognize the TRNC is Turkey.

Northern Cypriot Cuisine

Northern Cypriot cuisine is very similar to Turkish cuisine, as you might very well expect. The local cuisine contains lots of meat dishes, such as the Kebab, but vegetables are still a key part of the diet, and there are some rather wonderful vegetarian-style deserts.

What About Veganism Is Northern Cyprus?

Vegans in Northern Cyprus don’t have it that bad, but things are not that great either. Let us deal with snacking as that will inevitably involve a kebab. These are usually served with veggies and bread. Quite simply, get the bread and the vegetables without the meat, and you will have a vegan-friendly dish.

Saved by Hummus

This author’s favourite dish and one which is served throughout the land is hummus/falafel. Falafels are served at the same restaurants usually that do kebabs, and you will probably find yourselves eating them quite a lot. Chickpea passed hummus is also plentiful and is often served with bread at breakfast.

Turkish Desserts?

Turkish Baklava is vegetarian, but sadly (usually) not vegan friendly. The same goes for Turkish delight. If you hunt it out, there is an Egyptian Baklava that is made to be vegan friendly.

Vegan Restaurants in North Cyprus

Seeing as how the country is heavily tilted towards the tourist trade, there is generally quite a good array of vegan restaurants in most towns. Check out Happy Cow for specific recommendations.

And that is the not too hard way to survive as a vegan in Northern Cyprus. Join one of our tours to this fantastic country.

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