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Songdowon International Children’s Camp – DPRK Guide


Songdowon International Children’s Camp located in Kangwon Province just outside of Wonsan was opened in 1960 to help North Korea develop relations with foreign countries by hosting their children for Summer Camps.

It is the largest and most developed school children’s camp in the DPRK and had significant renovations at the request of Marshal Kim Jong Un in 2014 in order to increase the capacity to 1200 students at a time.

It is estimated that in addition to North Korean Children visiting the camp an additional 400 International visitors up to the age of 16 are welcomed each year from countries such as Russia, China, Thailand, Mongolia and Mexico.

The Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong Il Youth league subsidizes much of the camp’s cost so parents from abroad who send their kids to the camp are left with a bill between $250-$350 for the typical two-week stay.

Outdoor Facilities at Songdowon International Children’s Camp

The Songdowon Children’s Camp covers a sizable area and comprises of quite a number of buildings and recreational facilities.

At the center of the camp and the main point of arrival for all visitors is the camp square. In the camp’s main square, there is a statue of Kim Il Sung surrounded by children.

The building to the right of the statue is the Dormitory for students and the building to the left of the statue houses various activities as well as a cafeteria.

The camp features a full-size water park complete with slides and a diving board, a full-size football pitch, archery range, basketball court and rides.

The grounds of the camp are also equipped with various posters that give detailed explanations of animals and plants found in the region.

Songdowon Beach

Songdowon Beach located in front of the camp is also a very popular for students attending the camp to visit for an afternoon of swimming.

Indoor Facilities at Songdowon School Children’s Camp


The student’s dormitories are located in the same building but are gender-segregated. Each room has 6 beds per room with the boy’s dorms being painted blue and the girls pink.

Indoor Swimming Pool

In addition to the outdoor swimming pool, Songdowon Children’s Camp is also equipped with multiple indoor Swimming pools.


Located at the back of the camp is one of the most impressive buildings. The Aquarium at the camp features a large variety of sea life including turtles and sharks with information about each species.

Main Recreation Hall

The main recreation hall fo the camp contains a library, international friendship room, fine art room, arcade, 4-D Cinema hall, theatre, gymnasium featuring a rock-climbing wall and a kitchen where cooking classes for children are possible.

Visiting Songdowon School Children’s Camp

Summer Songdowon

Any of our North Korea group tours that travel to Wonsan City such as our annual Liberation Day and Summer Tour will make a stop at the camp.

It is also possible to arrange a visit here on an Independent Tour to North Korea and we would recommend Summer as the best time to visit as the camp will be busy with students.

Can Young Pioneer Tours Arrange Student Groups to the Songdowon International Children’s Camp?

Yes, we can arrange for student groups to visit the Songdowon International Children’s Camp. Please get in touch with us for more information

Video of Songdowon International Children’s Camp


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