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Eating at Dicos

If you find yourself in China in need of a fast food fix, you can go a lot worse than some fine dining at Dicos!

Generally speaking, you are unlikely to find yourselves in China any time soon, and worse still, if you are stuck in China now, you might also have some difficulty in leaving…

When, or if you do eventually get yourselves here, we’d like to introduce you to the institution that is Dicos.

Dicos is one of the largest fast-food chains in China, as you will see if you read my little blog on the top ten fast-food joints in China and is considered a bit of a KFC rip-off, but the story is a bit more complicated than that.

Dicos have some similarity with Oppo in that they started off as (poor) clones, but have since evolved into their own thing. Oppo sounds like Apple to the Chinese, and they started with a rip-off iPad, but are now a global behemoth. Dicos are not yet a behemoth globally, but have drifted from being just a KFC clone, and are a big player in the Chinese market.

The Dicos menu?

The menu is quite similar to KFC to be fair, with buckets of chicken, and chicken burgers, but they have some flair too, with a rice-based bun (great for a hangover), and pineapple in some of their chicken burgers that go pretty well.

The actual fried chicken too is more suited to the Chinese palate (although not mine at all) in that it is very breaded, but without any secret sauce.

To summarise, if you are in an airport or train station in China, and there is no McDonalds, KFC, or better still Burger King, Dicos makes a fine substitute, and at least it is better than Wallace Fried Chicken.

After a long tour to North Korea, there is also a Dicos inside Dandong Railway Station which after a week’s worth of Korean Food is always welcome.

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