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Distance Seoul to Beijing?

We have previously covered how you get from Seoul to Pyongyang, but how do you get from Seoul to Beijing, and what is the distance between the two?

Seoul and Beijing are technically connected by land. However, the political reality is that unless you are very important, or lucky, you are unlikely to be able to do Seoul to Beijing overland. We will, though, in the interests of travel geekery detail this option.

What Is the Distance From Beijing to Seoul?

As the crow flies, it is 952 KM from Seoul to Beijing.

Can You Fly From Seoul to Beijing?

There are numerous daily flights from Beijing to both Seoul and Incheon and indeed visa-versa.

Can You Travel From Seoul to Beijing by Sea?

There are multiple ferries from Incheon (near Seoul) to China. Cities seven include Dalian, Weihai, Qingdao, Dandong and Tianjin. Therefore the most logical sea journey from Seoul to Beijing is via Tianjin (30 minutes from Beijing).

Our favourite journey is the Incheon to Dandong ferry, which can be taken on our All Koreas Tour, and we can even arrange tickets for saving you the hassle of dealing with Chinese ticketing agents.

Overland from Seoul to Beijing

Not that possible, but if you could pull off a Trumpesque hop over the DMZ, then you could take the 4-hour car journey to Pyongyang before jumping on the daily international train from Pyongyang departing at 10:25 am and arriving in Beijing at 8:30 am the next day.

Do You Offer Seoul to Beijing Overland Tours?

Not yet, but we are working on travelling from Beijing to Seoul overland.

What Is the Distance Between Seoul to Beijing?

The land distance from Seoul to Beijing is 1300 kilometres, or if you were fortunate 15 hours driving time, although this driving time strictly assumes no border crossings and roads that are kept in good condition.

Check out our All Koreas Tour if you’re like to see Seoul and Beijing in one sitting.

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