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Dandong Incheon Ferry

dandong ferry

Ferry Tickets – Dandong (China) – Incheon (South Korea)

Whether you have just finished a tour with us in China or North Korea and would like to continue onto South Korea or are just looking for an easy and secure way to book ferry tickets in China we are happy to help.

Route Schedule Time
Dandong – Incheon Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Depart Dandong at 4:00pm
Arrive in Incheon at 9:00am the following day

Ferry Ticket Costs

  • VIP Class (2 people/cabin): €295 per person (only 3 cabin in each ferry, so easy to book out)
  • 2nd Class ( 4 people/cabin): €225 per person
  • 3rd Class (6 people/cabin): €200 per person
  • 4th Class (multiple people/cabin): €195 per person

Please note you must check-in before 2pm to board your ferry. The price is not including the local port tax which is 30 rmb (pay the ticket collected before boarding) and the meal on the ferry is 30RMB – 50RMB per person per meal.

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