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Death of Comrade Kim Jong Il

Like everyone involved as heavily as we are in the DPRK tourist industry we are much like everyone else truly shocked at the passing of the Great Comrade Kim Jong Il, with our thoughts being very much with the Korean people at this time.

It has been announced that the funeral will be held on the 28th December. It goes without saying that this will be a massive event for the Korean people, and as such tourists will not be allowed during this period.

Due to the immense impact Leader Kim Jong Il had on his people, and the DPRK wanting to have a peaceful transition of power, there will more than likely be a 100 day period of mourning. People have been asking what affect this will have on 2012 tours to North Korea/DPRK. There is every possibility that there will be some affect particularly on January tours, as well as the 2012 Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour, but as of now we simply cannot know what is going to happen in the country.

At this time we simply have to give the North Koreans time to get to grips with the grief that is happening in Pyongyang and throughout Korea, and wait patiently.

Please be patient with us during this special time, and particularly with the Korean people.

Kind regards,

Gareth and everyone at YPT.

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