Young Pioneer Tours

2012 tour program

Many people have been mailing us regarding what affect the current news will have on tours to the DPRK. Whilst we currently do not know what will happen, we will try and give some early opinion on things.

Korean New Year Tour to DPRK – This could be affected by the 100 days of mourning, but at the moment we currently do not know.

Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour 2012 – Whilst this does fit in with the 100 days of mourning, we are hopeful that the Koreans decide to still run something at this time, with there being potential for this turning into a memorial tour.

March Juche Study Tour – We still plan to run this, but realistically with some changes.

April Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour – We expect this to be run as normal, and the rest to run the same.

Please keep with us at this difficult time.

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