Young Pioneer Tours

Updating website and other bits!

YPT are currently updating the website, so for the next few days expect to see bits get moved around, or the odd new, but empty page. All of the most important information will still be available on the site. If you cannot find find what you need drop us an e-mail,  message us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Our of our DPRK tours are on line, with a few still waiting for a finalized itinerary, with Rason and Tibet to follow within the next week or so.

We will also soon be publishing a number of exciting international tours including an April trip to Iran, as well as an updated Eurasian Adventure Tour, as well as a few other little surprises. Do keep in touch.

Please also follow the company blog, as well as the personal blog of Gareth Johnson covering the 2011 Revolutionary Tour, and Eurasian Adventure Tour.

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