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CONIFA World Cup 2020: Somaliland to host

CONIFA World Cup 2020

There’s an awful lot that excites the kids at Young Pioneer Tours, but two of our really really favourite things are unrecognised countries and football. When these two get combined, we simply lose our shit!

It’s just been announced that Somaliland will host the next CONIFA World Cup – the first to be held in Africa, and indeed outside of Europe.

Whilst we currently know that it will be held in 2020, we unfortunately do not know who will be there and when, exactly, it will take place.

CONIFA: what is it?

In case you’re not familiar with CONIFA and the CONIFA World Cup – ‘CONIFA’ stands for the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, and acts very much as a FIFA for unrecognised countries. Founded in 2013 in Sweden, the CONIFA World Cup has thus far been held six times. And it’s the exact kind of thing that’s right up Young Pioneer Tours’ alley.


The Somaliland National Football Team. | CONIFA World Cup

And what about Somaliland? Somaliland is a de jure part of the failed state of Somalia, but it has been effectively independent since 1991. Young Pioneer Tours have been running tours to Somaliland for almost 5 years at the time of writing, and it is very much one of our favourite places to visit.

And who can you expect to see at the CONIFA World Cup? Entrants are yet to be finalized, but other YPT fan-favourites like Abkhazia and South Ossetia are likely to feature – who knows, maybe our absolute favourite unrecognised country of Transnistria will show up.

CONIFA World Cup 2020: how can I visit?

We will be running our Somaliland Independence Day Tour as usual in 2020, but we will also be striving to add or modify dates to accommodate the CONIFA World Cup. Don’t miss out on being a part of this unique outside-the-box sports tournament.

Keep following for more details, and viva Somaliland!

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