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Do YPT offer the cheapest way to see the Pacific?

Do YPT offer the cheapest way to see the Pacific islands, as well as the Least Visited Countries in the world. The short answer is that yes we do. Currently not only are we the only company to offer such a tour, but overall joining us will mean you make the most of our group booking power, as well as the safety of having a company deal with the more difficult elements of the tour.

This if course ignores a whole heap of other factors, such as the great people you meet, the potential ability to share a room and of course the fact that 20 people renting a guide is cheaper than one…..

But, I heard I can do it cheaper alone?

Our Least Visited Countries Tour has been one of our most sought after quite simply because it is so hard and expensive to do. This has also led to scrutiny, with one member of Every Passport Stamp not only claiming to have sone our tour, but of having also directed it.

As part of said claim he stated he had spoken to our guides and got their prices. Now in some countries this may have been true, but in others where we used film people and colleagues from Pioneer Media this was quite frankly false.

Ignoring this though is it “technically” possible to do it6 cheaper without using YPT? Yes it certainly is, but only if your primary reason for traveling is tick off a country like a blind fool, rather than actually embrace the culture and enjoy traveling.

How do YPT offer the cheapest way to see the Pacific?

For fear of everything we write ending up in a Facebook thread we will not share every single detail, but essentially we get discounts on group bookings for flights, we get discounts for group bookings for hotels and vehicles and guides are cheaper when you do it as a group. In many respects this is not rocket science.

We also have contacts in these areas that others do not meaning access to guides and activities others do not have. We have after all ran this tour since 2017 – do not underestimate what experience and trial and error brings to travel.

We then run on bringing 20 people, or so and work on very slim margins. Despite what the haters might say we are a company far more about passion than money.

And it is about much more than price

And of course travel is about much more than price, or at least it should be. In the last few years it seems that the travel world has become a pissing contest echo chamber for how to visit every (UN) country whilst avoiding evil companies like YPT, or Lupine.

Ignoring what we bring from a practical level, we also present guests with the chance to travel with other like minded people who share the same travel goals and passions.

Yes traveling alone can be very rewarding, it can also be very lonely. We would certainly never suggest you HAVE to go with YPT (certain countries notwithstanding), but we would certainly make the point that it is far more fun to do so.

Do YPT offer the cheapest way to see the Pacific? Well that will depend greatly on how you measure things, but assuming you want travel to be fun rather than a test of endurance, then one might say that we do.

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