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Can you visit Rojava in 2024?

Can you visit Rojava in 2024? It is indeed possible to visit Rojava in 2024, that is though not to say that it is easy. As a rule, tourists are not permitted to travel here, with the only visitors being NGOs, journalists and cultural exchanges.

Should you manage to come here though, it is generally not just an interesting expense, but also an incredibly moving one when you take in all of the recent history.

What is Rojava?

Rojava, which quite literally means Western Kurdistan, is what people commonly call the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. This is a part of Syria that enjoys de facto autonomy/independence from the central government. It does not, as many people think, seek independence.

It is governed by the Kurds under the principals of Democratic Confederalism and is sometimes called the only anarchist state in the world, although this is far from what the locals would call it. It is thus one of the more interesting left-wing experiments going on.

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How can you visit Rojava in 2024?

Visiting Rojava in 2024 needs many permissions from multiple agencies, none of which are published online. We have heard many stories and indeed met people who have simply tried to cross the border and failed. You should not do this.

In order to cross into Rojava, you will need to be part of a media, or cultural delegation, with your entries being arranged for you. This is a process that an take months. See here for more details.

Getting into Rojava in 2024

Getting into Rojava will need to crossing the border from Iraqi Kurdistan. The border crossing is about 3 hours from Erbil and nearest to the town of Zakho, which offers decent options for an overnight.

The border crossing is no easy feat and on the way in can take up to 3 hours. Once in the country you will need to head to the capital of Qamishi and your hotel before continuing with entry formalities within the capital.

Simply getting into Rojava is but part of the journey, with permissions, much like in places like North Korea, being very much an ongoing thing.

What can you see when you visit Rojava?

What you see and do when you visit Rojava is very much dependent on what you plan with local partners, but is usually based around political exchanges, rather than looking at historical sites.

Therefore sites around Qamishi include a school, a women’s farm/shelter and other elements related to the current rule of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. One will also find a number of posters, mosaics, graffiti and slogans related to the current leftist regime.

In the capital, there is also the bustling market and the chance to simply talk to people.

Usually a trip to Raqqa is also not just people to people exchanges, but also history related to the Islamic State period between 2014 and 2017. We shall give this its own article later, but this is a very moving experience.

After this, guests return to Iraqi Kurdistan with it being impossible to go to Federal Syria before or after you visit Rojava.

Food, drink and accommodation in Rojava

Hotels when you visit Rojava even at the top end are basic and you should not come to the region expecting luxury. It is though more than acceptable and indeed safe.

Food wise you will fare better with their being great street food in Qamishi, as well as a handful of great restaurants within the whole of the region.

Therefore if you can manage it a visit to Rojava is well worth it.

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