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June, 2024 North Korea Travel Update & Dr. Calvin Sun Interview

YPT Meeting with Our DPR Korean Counterparts in Beijing

The Young Pioneer Podcast Season 2 concludes with a double-header episode! S2, Ep 6 opens with a discussion between host Justin Martell and YPT CEO Gareth Johnson discussing the big question “when will North Korea re-open for tourism?” Recorded during YPT’s recent research trip to China to meet with our North Korean partners and explore the Sino-Korean border for the first time in four years, which made news among the community of North Korea watchers. The discussion gives a projected timeline for the Hermit Kingdom’s reopening as well as some educated guesses about the future of tourism in North Korea.

Following Gareth’s interview, Justin talks with YPT friend and travel partner Dr. Calvin Sun. Calvin is both an ER doctor in New York City and travel agent. Through his company Monsoon Diaries, he has partnered with YPT on many tours for well over a decade. In the interview, recorded in Mogadishu, Somalia, Justin and Calvin discuss Calvin’s new book “The Monsoon Diaries: A Doctor’s Journey of Hope and Healing from the ER Frontlines to the Far Reaches of the World,” available now from Harper Horizon. 

Dr. Calvin Sun Proudly Displays His Memoir

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