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Cambodia announces free medical care and visa extensions.

We’re aware that many of our Pioneers and various ex-pats in China have fled to Cambodia, so there have been a few very important updates that might be of interest to a few of you.

Cambodia under lockdown

We recently did a news piece about how all borders to Cambodia have been closed, initially Vietnam, and then followed by Thailand and Laos this week. As most tourists come in on the one month visa, this is potentially an issue for many people until today’s announcement.

Cambodia to extend visa extensions

Previously tourist visas could only be extended by one month, meaning your one month visa could be extended once before you had to leave the country (meaning you could stay two months). Your Cambodian tourist visa can now be extended two times, which means you will now be able to stay for three months without leaving the country. If you have already extended twice, then it is suggested that you visit your own embassy, who will help you fix the situation (we have no further information than that).

Cambodia to offer free Coronavirus care regardless of nationality

According to a government announcement on March 25th, 2020, all patients, regardless of their nationality who test positive for Coronavirus/COVID-19, will receive free access to treatment and medical care whilst in Cambodia.

Prime-Minister Hun Sen had the following statement “We are poor, but our heart is big.” You really cannot argue with how big a move this is, Cambodia is indeed poor, and seemingly acting with a lot more heart than many more affluent countries (no names mentioned).

So, if you are currently in exile in Cambodia, visiting Cambodia, or a full-time ex-pat, this is excellent news.

At YPT, we truly realize how much coronavirus is affecting people’s travels, and where necessary will offer up to date travel advice to our Pioneers out there. Stay safe, people!

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