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Algerian Currency

What is the currency of Algeria? Algerian currency is known as the Algerian Dinar. It has the currency code DZD.

Algerian Currency

Algerian currency is as follows: The dinar (Arabic: دينار, Berber language: Dinar, French Dinar; sign: DA; ISO 4217 code: DZD) is the money used in Algeria. It is technically divided into 100 centimes, a relic from French colonial times. Due to inflation you no longer see centimes, although they can be purchased as souvenirs!

Before the Dinar

Algeria was formerly an integral part of the French Empire, from which it fought a bitter war of independence. During its time as a French colony, it used the French Franc as its official currency.

Why the Dinar?

The Dinar is the principal unit of currency in a number of North African and  Middle-Eastern countries. Its roots are therefore Islamic, with it originally being based around gold. Thus upon independence, Algeria adopted the Dinar. Initially it was on par with the French Franc.

How much is the Algerian Dinar Worth?

At current Exchange rates $1 will get you 132 Algerian Dinar. Being the geeks we are, we can also tell you that one Algerian Dinar will get you 6800 North Korean Won. Although good luck changing it in Rason. Young Pioneer Tours is the only place where Algerian currency and North Korean currency would ever be used in one sentence!

What denominations of banknotes are used in Algerian currency?

The lowest denomination currency in circulation is 100 Dinars. These are to be replaced with coins.

After that you have 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 notes.

Thus the lowest value note is worth about .76 cents and the highest is worth about $15.

Coins in Algeria

One Dinar is technically worth 100 centimes, but they are worth so little now they are no longer made. 5 and 10 Dinar coins have recently been taken out of circulation, although if you are lucky you might find one. There are currently 20 and 50 Dinar coins in the Algerian currency. As previously mentioned the 100 note is being replaced by coins. This makes the lowest value unit available the 20 Dinar coin, which is about 15 cents.

What other currencies can I use?

For day to day expenses you will need Algerian Dinar, but for big purchases with tour companies, airlines, or upscale hotels many will accept Euro. They will not, as a rule accept USD.

Are there ATM’s in Algeria?

ATM’s are extremely widespread in Algeria, so withdrawing cash is generally not an issue. Some ATM’s will even accept UnionPay. Generally speaking though, Algeria is not exactly card friendly.

How to change money in Algeria?

Algeria is part of the “black market” group of countries. The black market exchange rate is significantly better than what you will get at banks. Although always keep in mind that you would technically be breaking the law by exchanging Algerian currency by doing this.

You can only change dinars back to euros or dollars unofficially as well, so try not to change too much!

As always if you are on a tour with YPT, we can help on the ground with these things.

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