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Independent Tours to Algeria

YPT has teamed-up with an impressive network of local partners in Algeria in order to offer you all kinds of tours in what is one of the largest and most varied country of the African continent.

While the visa for Algeria is not the easiest to get, our tours there include full visa support, streamlining the process a great deal.

All of our tours in Algeria are led and organized through locals who know exactly how to bring you around, navigate the numerous regulations of the country and offer you a pristine and professional service.


We can organize city tours of most places in Algeria, including, but not limited to:

  • Algiers
  • Oran
  • Constantine
  • Taghit
  • Tamarahsset
  • Ghardaia
  • Tindouf
  • Timmimoun

These city tours come with English-speaking guides, entrance fees and all necessary permits. You just need to tell us your plans and we’ll make them a reality


We can also organize transportation, either by flight or car, to most sights and ruins in Algeria, such as:

  • Djemilla
  • Timgad
  • Tipasa
  • Cherchell

Our tours of roman ruins all come with experimented local guides who will be able to bring the ruins alive by explaining to you in details the history of the Roman and Berber days.


YPT, through its sister company Pioneer Adventures, can also provide support for film-makers wishing to use Algeria as one of their filming location.

Algeria is an incredibly varied country, which has a bit of everything for everyone. Be it that you wish to go dune bashing on 4X4, wish to relax by the beaches of Oran or have an interest in Islamic history or recent politics, it is certain that Algeria, which has been named the number one destination for backpackers in 2020, has something for you.

  • Sandboarding by the dunes of Taghit, in Algeria
  • The arch of Trajan, in Timgad, Algeria
  • A nomad serves tea in the Algerian Desert near Taghit
  • Riding quads in Taghit, Algeria

Make Algeria your next destination in Africa by contacting us for a quote on your tailored itinerary!