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Helicopter Flight Tours of Pyongyang

Written by Rowan Beard

We’re very proud to announce we’ve been given early access to a Russian Mil Mi-17 helicopter to be one of the first groups to ever take it for a whirl around Pyongyang city for a unique aerial tour of the capital.

We’ll board this old soviet beauty at Pyongyang Sunan Airport located north of Pyongyang where we’ll also be able to meet the pilot and co-pilot. Once in the air, we’ll swoop around the 105 storey Ryugyong Hotel, do a low flyby of the Taedong River passing the Juche tower, have a great glimpse of May Day stadium – the world’s largest stadium, and explore the many districts sprawling across the city for fantastic and unique photography opportunities. This tour takes a little over 40 minutes to complete.

We’re able to do this flight tour in collaboration with North Korea’s national airline, Air Koryo. We’ve also been given special access to a classic Antonov 24 and a locally made DPRK light plane for a 25 minute tour. We are planing to do an aerial tour for our Pyongyang Marathon tours in April 2016 and also for Kim Il Sung’s birthday tour if there is demand.

If you’re interested in joining our first flight you may board the helicopter with us on our New Year’s tour. For all other enquires your may contact us here.

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