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Adams Tree, Garden of Eden, Al-Qurna, Iraq

By Andy Khong

According to the Bible, the location of Eden and Adams Tree) is described in (Genesis 2:10–14) as being the source of four tributaries – Pishon, Havilah, Tigris, and Euphrates. However the catastrophic Flood during Noah’s day would have destroyed and altered the Earth’s surface. Therefore we do not know where the Garden of Eden was originally located.

Present day, some people insist that the actual site of the Garden of Eden is located in Al-Qurna around the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Al-Qurna is a small town in southern Iraq, located 74 km (46 miles) north of the city of Basra. The Tigris and Euphrates confluence are joined by the Karun River, which originates from Iran; the combined rivers, known as the Shatt Al-Arab discharge into the Persian Gulf.

In Al-Qurna, the decayed trunk of a dead tree is standing there on a small platform behind a fence, on the shores where river Tigris merges with river Euphrates protected by low brick walls, and surrounded by a concrete plaza. Locals insist that this is the legendary, “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, which according to the Bible, Eve was tempted by the serpent, ate of the forbidden fruit, and then gave it to Adam who also ate of the fruit. Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, all subsequent human beings are born into a state of sinfulness (‘Original Sin’) [The Quran’s version mentions that Allah specifically forbade Adam and Hawa (Eve’s name to Muslims) to eat from the “Forbidden Tree” but Shaitan (Satan) repeatedly told Adam and Hawa to eat from the tree to attain immortality, and eventually both Adam and Hawa gave in and erred. Adam and Hawa sought Allah’s forgiveness and were forgiven; as such, there is no concept of being born with ‘Original Sin’. Hawa in the Quran (unlike Eve in the Bible) is not accused as a temptress, seducer, and deceiver as equal blame is on both Adam and Hawa for their mistake].

What was the Fruit at the Adams Tree (trick question)

The Bible or Quran never say what type of forbidden fruit was eaten, although it is commonly depicted as an apple; the other possibilities include grape, pomegranate, fig, carob, citron, pear, quince, tamarind, and mushrooms. Some experts believe that the tree in Al-Qurna is between 400 and 600 years old, but others think it is over thousand years. Portions of early stories of Genesis have been traced to the cuneiform tablets written by the Sumerians and Babylonians, and this “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” may have been written before the Bible. During excavations of ancient Mesopotamia, a clay seal was found dating to the 4th millennium BC (4000-3001 BC).  The seal shows a man and woman reaching for a fruit in the tree. [In the Bible, Iraq was known as Shinar, Sumer, Sumeria, Assyria, Elam, Babylonia, Chaldea, and Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia means “land between two rivers”, while the modern name of Iraq is translated as “deep-rooted country”.

Map showing the possible location of the Garden of Eden.

Adams Tree – Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam’s Tree – Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil     “Eve”(Paris Hailwood) offering an apple at Adam’s Tree (Oct 2022)

Marble stone with inscription in Arabic and English. “Adam’s Tree: In this blessed area where Tigris and Euphrates meet, a tree was honoured by the visit of our Master Ibrahim Al-Khaleel, peace be upon him, in 2000 B.C. He prayed and said: ‘Here a tree will grow which is similar to our Father Adam’s tree. Peace be upon him in Adam’s Paradise. [Ibrahim Al-Khaleel is the Muslim name for Abraham].

Confluence of the Tigris (left) and Euphrates (right) Rivers becoming Shatt Al-Arab (background) flowing into the Persian Gulf.

Biblical References to the Adams Tree

The Bible has never been a history book or a scientific documentary. It contradict scientific facts, and contradicts itself, and is not infallible. Most of the Bible is mythological and symbolic. The Genesis stories of Adam and Eve are prime examples of myths and symbolic fantasies in the Bible, not to be taken literally. They were written by people long ago, who were trying to provide simple explanations to people (during that time frame) who were mostly uneducated, ignorant, and primitive. As we enter the Age of Aquarius (age of expanded consciousness), we as modern, evolved, educated, and emerging spiritually-awaken people have no credibility if we think that the Adam and Eve stories are literally true. Evolution and science have demonstrated that it is impossible for us to have descended from one couple. 

[Andy was at Adams Tree with YPT’s Gulliver (Paris Hailwood). For further information on tours to Iraq

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