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Below are our list of tour extensions that can be added before or after your tour to North Korea to give you more of an insight into China and the DPRK. [wpv-view name="region-based-extension" wpvregion="north-korea"]

Overnight in Sinuiju

Our Sinuiju overnight extension gives you the perfect opportunity to get a deeper look at local North Korean life outside of Pyongyang as well as a chance to explore Dongrim, a small remote town further south of Sinuiju.

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DMZ Day Tour Extension

The DMZ is strictly a no man’s land which divides the Korean peninsula into two nations. With landmines, high concrete walls, tank traps and soldiers guarding this area 24/7, it is dubbed the tensest border in the world. Panmunjom is the only area where tourists from both North and South Korea are allowed to visit with access to the UN owned “blue hut” which gives you the advantage of technically standing in both Koreas at once.

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extension 648391

North Korea Skiing Extension

Mt Myohyang Day Tour Extension

Safari to Nimule National Park

South Sudan is mostly famous for the melting-pot of ethnicity it is made of. It is, however, also a great location for those in search of a safari on the wilder side of the spectrum. Nimule National Park, founded during the British rule,  is a very interesting location at the south of South Sudan, right […]

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Day trip around Ashgabat

Arriving/Leaving from Dashoguz or Konye Urgench borders (Uzbekistan)

Golfing in Ashbabat