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So many conflicting reports

Many many tourist companies, and tour media have been making their predictions about if the DPRK will be closed to tourists, how long for etc etc.

Regarding the question of “how long will the DPRK be closed to tourists”, or “when will North Korea be open to tourists” the main story that seems to be coming out of the country is that it will be closed until the end of January. These reports have tended by and large to have come from smaller tour companies, and or people that do business out of Dandong, that would be more affected by the border (i.e. not using planes).

The truth about how long the country will be closed is that until the funeral is finished it is very difficult for any of us to know what is going on there. Yes it is very likely that the country could be closed in January. Yes we are very hopeful it will be open by February, but for now it is simply speculation. We have not cancelled any tours for January, or February.

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