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How do I watch the Mass Games?

The Mass Games are the world’s largest coordinated gymnastics events, and they’re returning this September for the first time in five years. They are obviously in very high demand, and it’s not always possible to accommodate all requests to attend this magnificent event. There are, however, a number of possibilities for those wishing to attend. How, exactly, could you watch the Mass Games?

Independent Tours

If you’ve got the coin to go independent, it’s well worth doing. For €738, you can take the train in and out from Dandong; groups of two or more can do this for around €650. Note that this does not include the price of the Mass Games tickets; details on the cost of tickets can be found here.


Unseen DPRK and entire Pyongyang Metro Tour with Mass Games







This tour has it all – visit Kaesong and the DMZ, the east-coast city of Wonsan and explore the entirety of the Pyongyang Metro. Spectate at the almost-certain-to-happen 70th anniversary military parade on National Day, before finally taking in the Mass Games!

70th Anniversary Grand National Day and North-East tour with Mass Games







One of the most exciting tours we offer during this period, the Grand National Day and NE Tour combines the spectacle of the Mass Games with an exploration of the north-east of the DPRK – stay with a rural North Korean family, scale the spectacular Mount Chilbo, and, if the fancy takes you, explore Pyongyang from the air in a Russian Mil-Mi 17 helicopter!


70th Anniversary Grand National Day tour with Mass Games







The bare-bones option, but no less exciting for it: over four days and five nights we take you around the sights of Pyongyang before attending the Mass Games in their full glory. The helicopter option offered above is also an option on this tour: don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in a spectacular fly-by of Pyongyang!


70th Anniversary Grand National Day tour with Mass Games (ultra-budget)







Operating on a shoestring budget is no reason to miss out; our highly affordable ultra-budget tour whisks you to the DPRK for two nights and three days, but most importantly gives you the opportunity to see the Mass Games at insanely low prices!

Mass Games ultra-budget tour


A slightly different option from the above ultra-budget tour, but no less valid for it. This trip takes in all the key sites, including Kim Il-Sung Square, the Pyongyang Metro and the USS Pueblo. The culmination of your trip will, of course, be the unmissable Mass Games.


Autumn Pyongyang Bicycle Tour







The most obvious way of seeing the Mass Games isn’t necessarily the only one. With our bicycle tour you can explore Pyongyang like a local, as well as taking in the Kumsusan Memorial Palace and a local water park. The tour will, of course, be capped by the Mass Games.

Pyongyang International Film Festival Tour







The Cannes of the DPRK – this unique tour is an entirely different way of seeing the DPRK (and also the Mass Games, if it hasn’t become entirely apparent). Watch a screening of a classic North Korean movie before engaging in a Q&A with one of the actors or senior crew, and get yourself a piece of autographed merchandise. Then, obviously, watch the spectacular Mass Games in all their glory!