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How to Get a Somaliland Visa

Firstly please note that Somaliland’s visa policy constantly changes!

Don’t worry YPT is kept constantly in the loop regarding any changes.

Visiting Somaliland is not the same as visiting Somalia. It is a completely different visa system.

Presently, every traveler needs a visa in advance. But don’t worry, this is relatively straightforward. The easiest way of getting the visa is through the London, Washington or Addis Ababa consulates. They have half day turnarounds including via postage from anywhere in the world.

If you are traveling in Ethiopia for example or just passing through Addis on the way to Somaliland then you just need a couple of hours to get to the embassy on a weekday, get your visa stamped in your passport and get back to the airport for your connecting flight!

It’s that easy.

What do I need to apply for the Somaliland visa?

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport size photos
  • $80-$100 USD
  • Your hotel and contact person details (YPT will provide this)

Can I just rock up at the border or at the airport and get a visa?

Not anymore, unfortunately! You will be turned away. They now force everyone to acquire the visa through one of their consulates.

Is there a chance I’ll be rejected?

This is highly unlikely. When you visit the consulate they do not look at you twice. The whole process can be as fast as 10 minutes in and out the door. There are no extensive background checks and YPT have a 100% visa approval on all our Somaliland tours.

Is it a full-page passport sticker?

No, it’s a large stamp with your details written manually. 

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