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Below are our list of tour extensions that can be added before or after your tour to North Korea to give you more of an insight into China and the DPRK. [wpv-view name="region-based-extension" wpvregion="north-korea"]

Haeju City Extension

If you’re looking to get well off the beaten track during your North Korea tour, why not take an extension to Haeju city, the little-seen capital of South Hwanghae province. Located 100km south of Pyongyang and 60km North of the DMZ, Haeju has a population of around 236,000 and is rarely visited by Tourists.

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Pyongyang Golf Extension

Fancy a round of golf while you’re in Pyongyang? Why not add this extension to the golf course? Originally sponsored by the Chongryon Association in Japan, this is currently the only golf course in the country after the removal of the course at Kumgangsan and the 9 hole course on Yanggakdo island.

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DPRK vs Hong Kong Football Extension

If you’re a football fan or just want to experience something unique during your DPRK tour, why not add on this quick extension to see the do or die AFC qualifying match live at Kim Il Sung Stadium! It’s a must win for both teams in the final round of AFC Cup qualifying for 2019. As well as this check out Pyongyang’s famous Ostrich farm, try your aim at Maeari shooting range and go bowling at the famous Gold Lane bowling alley.

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DMZ Day Tour Extension

The DMZ is strictly a no man’s land which divides the Korean peninsula into two nations. With landmines, high concrete walls, tank traps and soldiers guarding this area 24/7, it is dubbed the tensest border in the world. Panmunjom is the only area where tourists from both North and South Korea are allowed to visit with access to the UN owned “blue hut” which gives you the advantage of technically standing in both Koreas at once.

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Wonsan City Beach Extension

Wonsan is most famous for having the best beach and seafood in the DPRK. The beach itself stretches for over a few kilometers and is located right next to Tongmyong Hotel where we’ve organized your accommodation. Come join the locals for fishing, swimming, or beach games!

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Golfing in Ashgabat

A brand new golf course has just been opened in Turkmenistan’s capital city, Ashgabat. Located on the edge of the city, in front of Turkmenistan’s newest hotel, the Yyldiz, this is the only golf course in the world with views over the city that holds the Guinness World Record for having the most Guinness World […]

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Arriving/Leaving from Dashoguz or Konye Urgench borders (Uzbekistan)

Itinerary Meet your driver on the Turkmen side of the border. Visit Konye Urgench with a local English speaking guide. Once a thriving metropolis, this ancient city has been destroyed many times over the centuries, but is still home to some of the most interesting mausoleums and buildings in Turkmenistan. Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum is distinguished […]

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Day trip around Ashgabat

Itinerary 10:00 Meet your guide and driver. Explore some of the sites of Ashgabat that aren’t on the regular itinerary. These can include National History Museum, the Presidential Museum, the Carpet Museum, part of the Walk of Health, the cable car, or anything else that takes your interest. 16:00 Return to hotel, end of tour. […]

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Merv and Mary Day trip

Itinerary 4:30 Pick up from hotel, transfer to airport (if there is a later flight we can use that instead, in which case you can be collected around 7:00 instead). Flight to Mary. Sightseeing in ancient Merv with a local English speaking guide. Merv is the oldest and best preserved ancient oasis city along the […]

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North Korea Skiing Extension

We are now offering the chance to extend your group tour in North Korea with our Masikryong Ski Resort extension! Whilst you’re visiting North Korea between December to February why not hit the slopes and enjoy your time in the North Korean wilderness.

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