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YPT Return to the 2024 Cutud Lenten Rotes Festival

Let’s not skip a beat here Covid was pretty shit for many reasons, but one big one was travel. Well it is (almost) over, so we were super pleased to be back at the 2024 Cutud Lenten Rotes Festival.

What the Cutud Lenten Rites Festival?

Basically it is like a country fete, crossed with a fiesta and topped off with people self-flagellating – complete with the blood that flies from it and people getting nailed to the cross.

We won’t go into crazy details about it, as you can read an author who is definitely not me explain it better below.

To read about getting nailed in the Philippines click here

What was the 2023 Cutud Lenten Rites festival like?

The venue had been jazzed up a little, but overall it was the old jamboree that we have grown to love. There was blood, guts, nails and street food. I was happy. We personally had 15 people in our group, which included Michael Reiss, one of the writers for the Simpsons. Of course I don’t like to name drop. I am just kidding, I love it.

My 15 were but a mere small part of the 15,000 present, as well as the eight who were actually crucified making it quite the record year. 2023 has also marked the first Easter holidays where restrictions on local travel have also been moved.

Overall the group were very happy, if not hot and it was one of the key highlights of our overall Extreme Philippines Tour – right up there with a place called Vagina Falls, which I will cover in a later article.

The evening was duly ended, quite ironically in a place called Lucifers bar on the legendary Fields Avenue, once again emphasizing the contradictions that make our “Extreme Philippines” tour.

Why travel with YPT to the 2024 Cutud Lenten Rites festival

Did I mention we bring celebrities? OK, so that is not important, but what is is that we arrange VIP passes for our guests. This ensures that you will actually see the 2024 Cutud Lenten Rotes festival in comfort and from the shade.

I have seen many over the last 10 years, or so arrive on a whim and get stuck in the very very busy and hot outside area. This really is not an event that you just turn up to, no matter how intrepid you think that you are.

And of course it truly is more fun with YPT…..

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