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When will North Korea Open – September Edition

Once again the subject of North Korea reopening has piqued peoples interest, with there country no longer 100% closed and people for all intents coming and going from the country. What does this mean in real terms though and can we expect the country to reopen soon?

What has changed in North Korea?

As we last repeated North Korea would reopen to North Koreans and business travelers from September. This has not only happened, but commercial flights have even resumed with Air Koryo, again as we had indeed reported.

You can read that story here

There have also been delegations to the country from Russia and China, as well as it being reported that Marshall Kim Jong-Un will visit Russia in relation to support for the ongoing war in Ukraine.

So, overall things look good for the reopening of the country, but do not expect things to change overnight.

What is the current situation for travel in and out of North Korea?

North Koreans and business travelers who wish to travel in and out of North Korea need to quarantine for a week in China and a week in North Korea should they lave the country.

Said two week quarantine and the fact that the DPRK is not yet open for tourist visas mean that the county is still well and truly closed to tourism.

So, when will it open?

This is a question that is again more theory than fact, with much depending on if there is an outbreak and indeed how big that outbreak is in a country that has not been vaccinated.

Most likely date for North Korea reopening

With these facts in mind and the fact that any virus travels “better” in winter, the most likely scenario is that North Korea will wait until the weather warms up, which would now be April 2024 before any kind of reopening.

And even if it did reopen then, there is still very possibility that the country may first test the waters with Chinese groups in confined areas such as Dandong, Yanji, or the new resort in Wonsan

But, and of course all of this could still be wrong and we could just get blinded by the country…

Regardless we will be there and ready to once again offer the best value tours to North Korea

See you in Pyongyang…..

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