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What to Pack for Mongolia


What to pack for Mongolia? Mongolia is an amazing place to travel. Here’s our guide on everything you need to pack for a trip.

Mongolia has a dry climate complete with mountain ranges, vast grasslands, and deserts with sand dunes the size of buildings. Make sure to pack according to what activities you will be doing.  

In the interests of this article we are talking about the Republic of Mongolia. To learn about the difference between Inner and Outer Mongolia click here


If you’re visiting Mongolia during the summer, you will experience pleasant weather during the day, but it can get a little cool at night. Make sure to bring a jacket. The air is dry, so you don’t need to worry about humidity, though it is smart to bring some bug spray if you plan to camp outside.

During the winter it gets extremely cold. Make sure to bring thermals and wear layers. When riding on a horse or camel, make sure to wear boots with multiple layers of socks. You don’t want your toes freezing off! Scarves or anything that can cover your face is recommended too. In the city of Ulaanbaator, don’t carry a camera around your neck, or expose any other valuables. Keep your wallet and other small valuables in a pouch in front of you. Overall, when preparing for Mongolia, prepare as if it was a camping trip, as many activities will be outdoors. If you only choose to stay in Ulaanbaator, pack as you would anywhere else, just be aware of the weather conditions. Your main concern would be potential pickpockets.

What to pack for Mongolia – Extras

Diarrhea/Allergy Medication

It is wise to bring medicine for diarrhea as your stomach may not be used to the food. The traditional milk tea does not always use pasturized milk, so it may give you some minor bathroom issues. Any anti-allergy medicine would be wise to bring as the city air in Ulaanbaator or the outdoors in the Mongolian wilderness may or may not have an effect on you. If you’re a first-time traveler then don’t take chances.

Universal plug adaptor

Types C and E plugs are used in Mongolia. I always carry a universal adapter so to never get confused or stuck with an incompatible adaptor.

Hand sanitizer

Self-explanatory. Whenever in a new environment, especially in the Mongolian wilderness where you won’t have access to squeaky clean toilets and running water, you’d better bring hand sanitizer to maintain hygiene.

Extra tissues/toiletries

As mentioned above, outdoor areas in Mongolia will lack toilets with running water. When I was riding a camel for 15km, the only rest stop we had was a “bathroom” made of a sheet of blue aluminum for privacy and a hole in the ground.

Earplugs/travel pillow  

Always carry extra earplugs in case you’re on a plane or train with screaming children, or you’re trying to sleep in a Mongolian Ger with a burly Mongolian horseman snoring up a storm. Enjoy!

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