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Kazakhstan COVID-19 Update

Kazakhstan COVID-19 Update. At the time of writing it is still not possible to travel to Kazakhstan as a tourist. Some foreigners can enter the Central Asian republic if they have relatives, residency or work visas. With well over 100,000 Coronavirus cases, Kazakhstan is still in the thick of it heading into another wave of cases.

The Visa-Free regime which allowed a large number of countries to travel to Kazakhstan without a visa or Letter of Invitation for 30 days, is still not in operation and everyone travelling to Kazakhstan needs a visa in advance.

Those who are allowed to travel to Kazakhstan require a negative PCR test before boarding their flight and it has to have been completed less than 5 days before entering the country.

The government has announced they are considering opening their borders in November, however, at this point, it looks unlikely.

For those in Kazakhstan, there are normal restrictions on what can open, and mandated masks in public, although in Kazakhstan this has taken on the classic chin strap style.

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