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9 ways to keep in shape while you travel

Ways to keep in shape while you travel! Wassup fitness/travel lovers?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to travel again. So where are you going on holiday this year? Hmm ? or next year? I’m thinking: Greece, Cyprus or Croatia.

Now, let’s talk about how to keep in shape while you travel and let’s assume that you don’t have access to a gym. When traveling, essentially, you want to pack light and smart. Attempting to travel with weight lifting equipment like dumbbells could be more trouble than it’s worth. I know there are ways around it –  for example:

– shipping it via a carrier’s cargo service.

– paying the excess/overweight baggage charge for an additional bag.

Having said that, I strongly recommend that you speak to the airline about their general rules and terms and conditions. One way or another, It would be a huge inconvenience for people. After all, the whole point of writing this blog is to make life easier for travellers.

To see which countries are currently open to travel click here.

Keep in shape while you travel? So what do you do? 

Don’t sweat it, guys. I’ve got you! ?

1. Bodyweight Workout

There are so many no-equipment exercises that you can do anywhere. Additionally, you can still build a muscular physique without using equipment. It just depends on what you are looking for. As for example: core strength, body-burning, strength-training.

Here are some of the best no-equipment full body exercises you can do anywhere ?


– Mountain climbers

– Jack Knife

– Bicycle crunch

– Russian Twist

– V-Up

– Toe Reach


Gluteus Minimus

– Rainbows

– Internal Rotation Leg Raises

Gluteus Medius

– Clamshell

– Side Plank Leg Lift

Gluteus Maximus

– Table Tops

– Squats


– Curtsy Lungs

– Jump Squats

– Bulgarian Split Squats

– Pistol Squats

– Calf Raises

 – Single-Leg Calf Raise


– Tricep Dips

– Cross Tricep Extension

– Forearm Press

– Assisted Tricep Extension

– Resisted Leg Bicep Curls

– Isometric Bicep Curl Hold


–  Pike Push-Up

– Reverse Plank Leans

– Plank To Down Dog

– Arm Circles

– Divebomber Push-Up

– Prone Swimmer


– Superman

– Reverse Snow Angels

– Good Mornings

– Aquaman

– Plank

– Kneeling Extension


– Diamond Press-Up

– Spiderman Press-Up

– Explosive Push-Ups

– Circle Push-Ups

– Archer Push-Ups

– Slow Push Ups


– Running/Jogging

– Plank-Up To Frogger

– Skipping

– Swimming

– Jumping Jacks

– Burpees

To find out how to do each exercise, copy and paste the exercise into Google ???‍♂️

2. Heavy-duty multi-layering Loop Resistance Bands

Loop resistance bands are lightweight and easy to carry. They literally weigh next to nothing, making it one of the best and most portable fitness exercise equipment for travel. You could actually slip a loop resistance band in your pocket without anyone noticing and because of their flat shape, it takes up no room in your luggage.

Loop resistance bands can be used for a variation of sports purposes for both male and female, for instance, glutes and legs exercises, full body workout, yoga etc.

3. Resistance Bands / Exercise Bands with handles

These exercise bands are of distinctive tubular shape. The end of the tube has a handle. These bands are excellent for full body workouts and muscular endurance and to tone muscle. The bands can almost replicate the experience of working out with a dumbbell. It’s like having an entire gym with you at all times. Keep in mind that although exercise bands with handles are very portable, it takes up a little more space in your luggage compared to the loop resistance bands.

4. Growth bands

The growth bands are ankle weights but with even more resistance. If you want to take your legs, glutes and full body training to the next level, then the growth bands are an excellent choice to add to your workouts. Furthermore, growth bands are portable and great for staying fit while traveling. To find out more about growth bands, please click the link below ?

5. Thenx app

Download the Thenx app for FREE on the app store or Google play. I have the Thenx app on my smartphone and I absolutely love it! Chris Heria is a famous calisthenics trainer and a YouTuber. He is also the founder/CEO of Thenx. The Thenx app is designed to teach anyone who has an interest in fitness, the secret techniques and knowledge of bodyweight training. Wherever you are in the world, you can watch and follow along to the Thenx workouts. The Thenx app has some incredible professional instructors. As for example: Casi Davis and Arica Sky (growth bands)

6. Stainless steel water bottle

Whether your workout consists of high intensity interval training or walking on the beach, it’s important to stay hydrated. If you want a personalized, tough stainless steel bottle for both hot and cold drinks, then check out ?

Ways to keep in shape while you travel

7. Skipping rope

As mentioned earlier, skipping/ jumping rope is a great full body workout. To be perfectly honest with you, it is actually one of the best full-body exercises you can do. A skipping rope is an affordable piece of sports equipment, that weighs next to nothing and will take up very little space in your luggage.

8. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is an advanced piece of technology. It can monitor your heart-rate, health, location tracking, exercises, and your sleep. Essentially, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

9. Pill box

I take Neem, Turmeric, Ultra Man and Busy B tablets.

Pillboxes are useful for keeping your multivitamins in order. Furthermore, this item doesn’t take up much room in your packed suitcase.

There we have it, fitness/travel lovers. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I hope you found it useful and interesting.

Much Love


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