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Visiting Sariwon, North Korea

The “Sariwŏn Folklore street” was constructed during Kim-Jong-il’s rule. Built to display an ideal picture of ancient Korea, it includes buildings in the “historical style” and a collection of ancient Korean cannons. Although it is considered an inaccurate romanticized recreation of an ancient Korean street, it is frequently used as a destination for foreigners on official government tours. Many older style Korean buildings exist in the city.

Sariwon is the capital of North Hwanghae Province and is the southern gateway to Pyongyang. With populatin well above 300,000 Sariwon is one the most densely populated cities of the DPR Korea. Sariwon is located near famour Mt. Jangbang and it is a city with developed industry, agriculture and education – there are more than 10 universities in the city.

A planned city, Sariwon was developed when the railway from Seoul (now in South Korea) to Sinŭiju was built in 1906, it is a junction for rail, road, and river transport. Its industry is mainly light, including agricultural machine workshops, food processing, and spinning mills. Sariwon is known to produce the country’s tastiest Maccoli, a well known Korean alcoholic beverage

How to get to Sariwon

Sariwon is a city situated at the mid-way of Pyongyang-Kaesong Motorway about 70 km south-east from Pyongyang, it is an ideal place for a short tour on the way to or back from Kaesong. It is within 1.5 hour drive from Pyongyang. Some of our group tours make a stop in Sariwon on the way back to Pyongyang from a half day tour to DMZ (at border with South Korea)


Before the liberation in 1953 Sariwon was a commercial city but since the liberation it has developed into a city with modern industry and advanced agriculture. Sariwon has over 10 universities. There are several attractions in the city:

Folk Customs Street. The street gives an insight to the visitors of Korea’s old folk customs. Nestled at the foot of Mt.Kyongam it offers cultural heritges of ancient Koreans. The village consists of amusement hall, folk restaurant, Kyongamsan Hotel, Sariwon History Museum, folk game ground, Kyongsam Noodle Rastaurant.

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