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Visiting Iskanderkul Lake in Tajikistan

A tour to Tajikistan would only be complete with a visit to the iconic Iskanderkul Lake, so we have it included in our ever-so-popular five-stans budget tour itinerary.

What is the Iskanderkul Lake?

Nestled in the heart of the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan, Iskanderkul Lake is a testament to the raw beauty not only of the country but the whole Central Asia region. The Majestic peaks and lush greenery surround this pristine alpine lake, thus a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure travellers alike. If you want to see Tajikistan in all its glory, make this hidden gem a must!

The legend and story of Iskanderkul

With any great place comes a great story, and boy, does this place hold significance. The lake derives from Alexander the Great, known as Iskander in Persian and Tajik. Legend has it that Alexander the Great passed through the Fann Mountains and was so captivated by the beauty of the lake that he decided to take a dip in its crystal-clear waters. The locals believe that the lake was created by a fallen star, adding a touch of mystique to its already enchanting allure.

Iskanderkul Lake is approximately 2,195 meters (7,201 feet) above sea level, making it one of the highest lakes in the Fann Mountains. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, and dense forests, the scenery is awe-inspiring

What can you do at Iskanderkul?

We are so glad you asked because this lake has something for everyone, whether you’re a nature enthusiast who wants to hike to take in the panoramic views, a cold-water lover who wants to take a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters or a lover of all this flora and fauna who wants to immerse in a diverse ecosystem – it has you covered. The plethora of activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers make the journey well worth it.

Getting to Iskanderkul Lake

The journey to Iskanderkul Lake is challenging on your own; it is remote, and access can be difficult. However, we have succeeded with YPT, our proper planning, which includes obtaining necessary permits, arranging transportation, and being prepared for varying weather conditions. Our love for the lake means we take every step required to ensure you make it there!

If you still are not sure

Travelling to Tajikistan for Iskanderkul Lake seems excessive – we get it, but hear us out. Iskanderkul, alongside its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural significance, makes it a true hidden gem in Tajikistan. Whatever your preference – nature lover, adventure seeker, or someone looking for a tranquil retreat, Iskanderkul Lake offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of Central Asia. So, embrace the opportunity to explore this untouched corner of the world and discover the magic that awaits at Iskanderkul Lake.

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