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The Majestic Eagle Hunters of Central Asia

The Art of Berkutchi

Nestled within the expansive landscapes of Central Asia, the ancient art of Berkutchi, or eagle hunting, continues to captivate hearts and minds. This centuries-old tradition, deeply rooted in the nomadic cultures of regions like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and parts of Central China, showcases the symbiotic relationship between humans and the majestic golden eagle. In our upcoming World Nomads tour, we will be participating in this event, so what better time to put together a blog about the captivating world of Eagle Hunters and the profound artistry of Berkutchi?

The Eagle Hunter’s Bond

At the heart of Berkutchi lies an extraordinary connection between the eagle and its human counterpart. The eagle hunters, often nomadic herders, forge an unspoken bond with these magnificent birds, training them not only as hunting companions but as revered members of the family. The training process is meticulous, requiring patience, skill, and an intuitive understanding of the eagle’s nature.

The Golden Eagles

Golden eagles, with their impressive wingspans and keen eyesight, are the primary species chosen for the art of Berkutchi. Revered for their strength and agility, these majestic birds become indispensable partners in the harsh landscapes where the nomadic way of life persists.

A Dying Art?

As modernity encroaches upon traditional ways of life, the art of Berkutchi faces challenges. As contemporary influences shape the destinies of nomadic communities, the art of Eagle Hunting stands at a crossroads. Will it evolve, adapt, or continue to thrive as a testament to the enduring bond between humanity and nature? We sure hope so. 

The art of Berkutchi is not merely a skill; it is a living testament to the resilience of nomadic cultures and their harmonious coexistence with the untamed beauty of the natural world. As we journey through the landscapes of Central Asia, the echo of eagle cries and the silhouette of hunters against the horizon beckon us to appreciate the profound artistry of Berkutchi and the enduring spirit of the Eagle Hunters.

This September we will have that exact opportunity to delve into the cultural significance of Berkutchi within nomadic communities. We will uncover the stories, myths, and legends that surround these skilled hunters, portraying them as guardians of tradition and stewards of the land all on our World Nomads Tour. This is a rare opportunity to watch in competition Eagle Hunters on their hunting expeditions, where the synergy between hunter and eagle reaches its pinnacle.

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