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What’s it like to visit the North Pole?

What’s it like to visit the North Pole? While the north pole might concur up images of snow, Santa, Rudolph and the like, the reality is that the North Pole of lore more resembles Antarctica. 

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What is the North Pole?

There are two poles on the earth, not literally pole you understand, but markers (not physical) that show the northern and southern most places on the planet. The south pole has famously been trekked to, many times in delay fashion, but can you trek to the north pole? In short no you cant.

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The North Pole in fact not on land, but in the sea, thankfully directly above Svalbard!

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Who first visited the North Pole?

Being on water there are literally so many “firsts” for the North Pole that we will not delve into them too much, but mariners have tries over the years.

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The first verified trip to the North Pole was in 1926 and by air. Nowadays of course you can visit by boat, but what’s it like to visit the North Pole?

Getting to the North Pole

Technically the closest landmass to the North Pole is Greenland, although from a logistics point of view the vast majority of trips to the north pole go via Svalbard and specifically Longyearbyen.

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This usually means a cruise, although think less Cunard and more Soviet ice-cutters, with cutting through ice being permanent to getting here. Visiting the North Pole is a summer affair and you will get 24 hour daylight when doing so. 

Parting at the North Pole

On our recent trip to Svalbard we not only went to North Pole, but even had a party there. This involved a BBQ, disco and well people getting sourced in rather cold temperature. Beer overcoat anyone?

We actually hit the “pole” at 11.45 pm, which meant we went through it midnight. To call this a surreal affair would be an understatement. And while we realise it is not a “country”it does fit on many a trailers bucket list. 

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What’s it like to visit the North Pole?

OK, so its just some water, but again for us its something to add to the “done” list, particularly as we made a party of it!

YPT are currently planning a 2024 Svalbard trip, or you can join us in Antarctica in 2024.

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