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Visa FAQ

We organise all facets of your DPRK visa, however you must arrange your own Chinese visa at your nearest embassy or consulate unless you are eligible for a 72-hour transit visa. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct Chinese visa, however we are more than happy to assist you in any way possible with documents to support your application, advice on what type of visa to use, or your eligibility for transit visas, etc. For more information on applying for Chinese visas in the DPRK please visit this page.


Visa FAQ

I am a journalist. Can I go?

Answer – Journalists need a special visa and permission from the government to enter the DPRK. We do not have permission to bring in journalists. If you try to sneak into our tours as a journalist your DPRK visa will be denied and you run the risk of breaching our terms & conditions.

Do I need to apply for a Chinese visa if I’m only there for a few days just to visit North Korea?

Answer – China now offers a 144 hour transfer visa to most foreigners so you don’t need to purchase a Chinese visa. Please review the following link for more information; China transit visa. The requirements are quite rigid so please be sure you meet them and feel free to ask us about it. If you are using the train you will need a Chinese visa, transits do not apply to overland entries or exits.



Can I apply for a Chinese visa in North Korea?

Answer – Yes but there are restrictions. We recommend for you to apply for a double entry visa or preparing a 144 hour transfer visa before visiting China and partaking in our tour.

If you are doing a Pyongyang or North East tour you can apply for a single entry Chinese visa. However, when applying in Pyongyang you’ll need to partake in a tour longer than six days as the visa application process requires four full working days (Monday – Friday). When you apply for the visa you will need to supply a flight itinerary (with your flight exiting China), a hotel reservation document and to visit the Chinese Embassy for an interview to successfully apply which will result in you missing out on some of the items on the tour itinerary. There is no Chinese embassy in Rason so tourists will need to organize a Chinese visa beforehand.

If you are doing an Ultra Budget tour or a five-day tour with us you will not have enough time to apply for a Chinese visa in the DPRK.