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Update on Travel to the Yemeni Island of Socotra

October 18th 2019

As of this week travel to Socotra on the flight from Cairo has been suspended by the authorities.

There are plenty of rumours going around as to why this has happened, but it seems that it was a response to two tourists travelling to Socotra without the correct visa – in response the Yemeni authorities, and their Saudi backers, have made all tourists on the island leave and no new groups are allowed in.

At present it is not known how long this ban will be in place — it is possible that travel to Socotra will be permitted again very soon, or it is also possible that the ban is in place long term.

As soon as we get full news of the situation and any updates are available we shall keep you informed.

If you are due to travel with us to Socotra on our November tour then there is a chance the tour will not be able to go ahead; please contact us for information on

If you are on the March tour then we have more time to assess the situation, and we will update you accordingly.

Travel to Socotra remains one of the most sought after dreams for a lot of Pioneers and we will endeavour to take more groups to the island!

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