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Update on Least Visited Countries Tour 2024

As one of our most popular, oversubscribed and unique tours we have been getting lots of enquiries about our Least Visited Countries Tour. We have therefore decided to try and answer all those questions in one go!

Will your least visited counters tour take place in 2024?

Quite simply yes it will, but what the eventual itinerary will be is yet to be seen. Our current listed itinerary is based on the most likely flight schedule as per previous years and our correspondence with the airlines in question.

You can see our proposed itinerary here.

There are through still a few unanswered questions that we are waiting for resolution before we can confirm the itinerary.

What are the current issues with the tour?

Quite simply there are not the desired connecting flights from Palau, nor has Nauru Airlines been given permission to land in the Solomon Islands. These two issues mean that the first three groups cannot as things and go as we would. Wish them to.

There are also a few other teething problems related to the country opening up after Covid-19, all of which we fully expect to be resolved.

What will happen if these problems are not resolved?

Quite simply we will redo the itinerary to fix what is actually available. On every year of doing this tour, which we have ran since 2017 there have had to be minor changes, or at times countries missed out, or longer or shorter being spent in a destination.

These things happen and are unavoidable in the least visited countries of the world/ We appreciate and are regularly reminded that this is “more than just a holiday”, or you are trying to visit every country in the world, but alas we do to control the planet, yet anyway…….

Please do keep watching our page, get in touch and get ready to see us in the Pacific!

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