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Is Tuvalu the happiest country on earth?

Many people ask me why Tuvalu is my favorite country in the world and I always reply that it is hard to explain why, but I have recently come to a realization, is Tuvalu the happiest country on earth and is that why I like it so much?

Now I know what many of you are thinking, isn’t Bhutan the happiest country on earth?  No they really are not. Bhutan simply measure4 Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH). Alas this is akin to the fact that me checking my bank balance honest make me rich.

The economy and Tuvalu the happiest country on earth….

Money doesn’t bring happiness right? A thing said by unhappy poor people usually because alas some degree of money is needed for happiness. In Tuvalu it seems like they are making enough money from the ccTLD Dot TV, as well as from selling fishing rights to the Japanese.

On top of this they then have a strong state sector which employs a bunch of people in government, as well as in other fields even covering football in Tuvalu .

From this it would appear that there is some form of universal basic income provided for those who do not work as few people are out doing business. People also all seem to have their own houses, so again while not so much rich, they do have what can be described as a healthy living standard, supported by a good economy.

Is Tuvalu communist then?

Well King Charles is head of state, so Tuvalu is no peoples republic, but they do share somethings in common with socialist countries, with the universal system meaning no one here seems to be poor.

In may respects this makes it similar to Nauru,w which we have also previously talked at from a left-wing point of view.

In actuality it is probably governed more along the lines of Melanesian socialism, itself based ar9ound the local culture of the island.

Ironically most of the business done here is by Chinese people from mainland China, such as the restaurants.

Tuvalu the happiest country on earth – what say the masses?

The masses are some of the most chilled people on earth, with all seemingly having large houses, a motorbike and a large extended family. Most importantly everyone has enough food to eat, with Tuvaluans being generally on the larger side.

So, to sum up everyone has food, there’s fish in the sea, there’s enough money and the place quite simply looks like the very definition of paradise.

Whether they are thus the happiest people on earth or not I do not know, but I can say when I am there I certainly feel happier than on a wet Wednesday in Kent!

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