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Travelling to Palau

In 2019 Young Pioneer Tours added the Republic of Palau (amongst other places) to our Least Visited Countries itinerary and it was without doubt the standout new destination of the trip. Here’s a report on our experience travelling to Palau.

The Republic of Palau was a former American colony now in a Compact of Free Association with the USA that boasts stunning scenery for island hopping and diving, as well as some of the most interesting sites related to the war in the pacific. Namely Peleliu Island.

Being there at Christmas we also got to visit a somewhat surreal tropical Christmas market! There really is more than meets the eye when it comes to traveling to Palau.

Here’s how we partied in Palau with a few picture blogs to boot!

Snorkelling and boat trips in Palau

One of the highlights and indeed what we spent most of our days doing was taking the group out on the boats and exploring the perfect scenery and waters around Palau. In a weird way the scenery and service reminded a bit of Palawan. Similar to Palawan fashion we would stock up on beers before leaving and spent the rest of the days checking out the scenery, swimming and snorkeling.

Visiting Peleliu

Peleliu is an island that was host to the battle of Peleliu one of the most brutal parts of WW2 and one of the places to have ended up with the famous Japanese holdouts. This is truly one of the most surreal places you can travel to featuring abandoned planes, tanks and more World War 2 relics than you can shake a stick at. You can read more about the battle of Peleliu here. You can’t even think of travelling to Palau without stopping here!

Palau nightlife

Palau has a strange mix of locals, long-term Filipinos and expats which creates a vibrant night scene with decent bars, good restaurants and as we were there at Christmas the first ever Koror Christmas market.

Enjoy the photos!

We are truly hoping that we get to visit Palau again in 2020, but if not we will certainly be back in 2021.

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