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Travel Advice for Women on International Women’s Day from the Women at YPT

The YPT team and especially the women of YPT would like to wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day and offer some travel advice for women! Women have been travellers for centuries. From Jeanne Baret, a French woman in 1740 who is thought to be the first woman to have successfully voyaged around the world (disguised as a man), to modern day women of all nationalities collecting countries and stamps in their passport!

As pioneers ourselves, we decided to ask some of the women at YPT about their advice for their travel advice for women, when it comes to all things travel.

travel advice for women 2024 - Kris
Kris in El Salvador

What is your best travel advice for women?

Kris – YPT Guide

The first thing you need to think is: things happen, anywhere in the world. 

As women we have been educated to take extra care compared to our male friends and relatives: that it is not safe to go alone, that it’s not safe to be at night, don’t trust anyone, etc. I’m not trying to say you should be careless, but my experience of more than 10 years backpacking alone, walking at night in foreign cities, hitchhiking, staying at strangers’ homes, has led me to the conclusion that there’s way more nice people in the world than bad ones.

Every woman is different, and maybe you don’t need to think like me, but you only have one life and it’s very short, don’t waste it thinking about all those what ifs. Sadly, those bad things can happen in your hometown too, so my travel advice to women is not to overthink and enjoy all this planet has to offer!

Zandy – YPT Admin

My travel advice for women is don’t forget your common sense!

travel advice for women - Zandy in the UAE
Zandy in the UAE

Lynne – YPT Admin

My travel advice for women is to download the Google Translate App and Install Life360 to share with someone your location. Also wear comfy clothes!

Caitlin – YPT Guide

My travel advice for women is that you don’t always have to wait for a friend to travel. I have met many women who want to travel to places but have elected not to because they didn’t have a friend to travel with. If you don’t have anyone to travel with, maybe try solo travelling! There are so many benefits to solo travelling: you can work with your budget, you have full control over your activities and movements, you can meet lots of friends in hostels and shared accommodation, and you can develop so many life skills.

If this is not for you, join a group tour where you are bound to meet like-minded people and it can ease your nerves of travel by being guided by experts. You might even meet friends to go travelling with next time!

Jaacee – YPT Admin

My travel advice for women is don’t be afraid to be mean. 

Many times, we girls will act friendly to strangers out of fear or nervousness, or to let them down easily, and whilst some people will indeed act out regardless of if you are too stern or too coy, it’s good to know that you put up a fight.

travel advice for women - lynne in Armenia
Lynne in Armenia

Paris – YPT Guide

Unfortunately, women do face more challenges travelling, from unwarranted attention to draconian ideas of a women’s role, to name a few. Whilst this has presented many challenges, it has also been a tremendous springboard to demand better. Somewhere along the way, I learned that no wasn’t a good answer; thankfully, travelling reminded me that it is essential. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable and something feels wrong, it probably is – trust me!

Nat – YPT Admin

When traveling to diverse countries, embracing an open mind is crucial to fully experience and appreciate the cultural richness each destination offers. Simultaneously, it’s essential to balance this openness with a keen sense of awareness and trust in your instincts. Attuning to your surroundings and listening to your intuition can play pivotal roles in ensuring a safe and enriching travel experience.

Angola Women

What destination would you recommend for women to travel to this year?

Kris – YPT Guide

A trip around Central America! Climb a volcano in Guatemala, dive in the crystal water in Belize, experience Mayan ruins in Honduras, surf in El Salvador, learn about the complex history of the area in Nicaragua, wander through the rainforest in Costa Rica, and finish your trip partying in Panama. I met a lot of girls traveling alone too during my trips in the region, and unlike me they didn’t speak a single word of Spanish. Here at YPT I’m helping to develop tours in the region and we’ll soon let you know about them, so why not join us and explore this beautiful part of the world together?

Zandy – YPT Admin

Internationally, a Dubai Safari! However locally, Calaguas Islands, a group of islands in the Philippines!

Zandy in the Philippines

Lynne – YPT Admin

I recommend the South Caucasus because of its unique beauty in different season and its safety!

Caitlin – YPT Guide

My ‘best in travel’ for women in 2024 would have to be Oman. In Oman, it is very safe to camp in areas you are not familiar without much trouble at all. People generally are more conserved and you may notice most men – and strangers in general – will not approach you. However, if you can meet some local women, or if you need any assistance, you will be treated like a princess and will get a great insight into Omani society!

Travel advice for women - Caitlin in turkey
Caitlin in Turkey

Jaaccee – YPT Admin

Thailand, my home country, is actually one of the best places to travel to in 2024. 

Relative to many developed countries, Thailand is actually very safe. 

Our violent crime rate is low, the food is affordable, and always meets a certain standard taste-wise, regardless of if it’s in the fancy part of town, or in the soi leading into a rural village.

Additionally, the Thais are a very genial, generous and hospitable people. The principle of maintaining respect, sincerity, and gratitude for others is very central to Thai culture. 

Street food vendors will point out their favourite things about your appearance, regardless of if you buy their food, and they’ll almost always let you sample, or sometimes even pay the next day. Moreover, it’s more common that you’d expect to get snacks for free, because ‘giving back’ is a very important concept in our culture, and birthdays will sometimes involve buying out an entire stall for the community to eat. I’ve never once heard of these qualities going unappreciated by tourists here. 

travel advice for women jaaccee in Thailand
Jaacee in Thailand

Paris – YPT Guide

Hmmm. It may seem controversial and contradictory, but hear me out – Afghanistan. This is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous places for Afghan women who have been removed from all spheres of public life, but for foreigners, it is different – with the proper partners, local guides and permission.

As a foreign woman, you are amongst a handful who can engage and participate in Afghan women’s lives. This has been a life-changing, mind-altering experience and has led to initiatives (even though they have to remain a secret for safety) to make a slight difference.

Those so lucky to be born in countries where advancements have been made, we must use our voice for the voiceless until their voices are heard.

My favourite quote to sum it up:
“I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking what can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther” – Rupi Kaur

Nat – YPT Admin

It’s challenging to pinpoint a single destination as the best or a ‘Must Travel to in 2024’, as each country has its own unique charm, with its own positives and negatives. I encourage you to explore unfamiliar territories, as venturing into new places can lead to amazing and unexpected discoveries that enrich your travel experience.

YPT was the first company to introduce a Women’s Tour to Afghanistan. As we look forward to the third instalment later this year, it is important to continue on the path of giving people the opportunity to experience life that is quite different to their own. Happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there, the women of YPT hope to see you on tour soon!

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