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How to take the train from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang

How do you take the train from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang? One takes the train from Ho Chi Ming City to Da Nang via the ever-popular and legendary Reunification Express.

Established in the early part of the 20th century by the French it initially linked Hanoi in the north to Saigon in the south.Sadly the route had to be cut during the time of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of Vietnam, before being reinstalled after the country was unified. This is why it is known informally as the Reunification Express.

What is train travel like in Vietnam?

Train travel in Vietnam is famously cheap, reliable and extremely comfortable. And with there being almost 300 train stations it is also one of the most important means of transport within the country. In fact very few places, such as Phu Quoc, as well as other islands are not on the network.

Tickets come in 4 categories, namely hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper (6 berth) and soft sleeper (4 berths). There are restaurants cars, toilets, plugs, as well as people traveling around with food carts. In fact it would be quite easy to live on a Vietnamese train.

Vietnamese Railways are most similar to the old school Chinese trains, as well to contemporary Thai trains, such as the route from Bangkok to Cambodia.

How to take the train from Ho Chi Ming City to Da Nang

Taking the train in Vietnam is relatively easy with it being possible to buy your ticket form an agent, or at the train station itself. Should you buy from an agent you will pay a tiny bit more, but they can not only guarantee your ticket, but also allow the ability to pay by card.

If. You opt for buying your ticket at the train station then you will have to bring cash, you cannot use cards on Vietnamese Railways. This is also true for when you are on the train itself.

There are a number of trains that fly this route, all of which taking a different amount of time to arrive, as well as leaving at different hours of the day. You can see the schedule here, but we personally suggest taking the 19.00 train that arrives at 11.51 the next day. In our mind at least this gives the perfect amount of time to enjoy the train, while not waking you up to early. The Ho Chi Minh train to Da Nang also stops at Nha Trang.

What is the soft sleeper on the Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang train?

Soft sleeper on a Vietnamese train is very comparable to soft sleeper on the told Chinese, or current Russian networks. This is in that they are 4 berth cabins with doors you can close and lock.

There is a restaurant cart on this train, but also many hawkers traveling around to bring food to you. In fact even if your door is closed that will open it to make sure if you are hungry, or not. This also randomly includes ice-cream sellers.

And that is the YPT guide to taking the train from Ho Chi Ming City to Da Nang.

We do not currently include Da Nang on any of our groups tours, but can include it on any bespoke trip to Vietnam that we organise. After not only did Chairman Kim Jing Un almost come here, a senior delegation of North Korean tourism experts did.

Whether we will one day see Wonsan follow in Vietnamese footsteps is yet to be seen….

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